Return & Exchange Policy

Requirement for a valid return:

·     Proof of purchase (order number, invoice, etc.)

·    Reason for return has to be valid and
return acceptance conditions met (check out below)

Categorized Product Return Policies: aims at maintaining their quality and
professionalism in their service. If, you cancel your order please confirm it
before process. After processing if you want to cancel it we will deducted
Delivery charge.  

When you collect your product, At first you checked it
properly. When we will notify that you received your product than if you
complain that some product is missing, damaged or else this is not acceptable.

If you want to exchange your product after receiving
within 2 hours notify us. You inform us in our helpline number or give mail
or text in our Facebook page inbox. Delivery charge will be applicable for

The following products cannot be returned:

·       Personal fashion wear item

·       Skincare, Cosmetics & Perfumes

·     Personal hygiene items like as earrings,
wigs and combs

·  Consumables such as foods, drinks and beverages item